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dede water steripure 1,000ml

An authentic deodorant spray recognized by professionals

【Characteristics of Steripure】
・Steripure deals with more than 401 types of bacteria.
Including 57 kinds that are most commonly detected in public buildings, it fights against more than 401 types of bacteria.

・Long-lasting with a barrier effect.
By creating a barrier through the spray, this product stops the attraction of bacteria in the air, and long term protection is thus maintained.

・Steripure's superior safety gives you peace of mind.
Third party organisations such as the Japan Food Analysis Center have carried out many safety examinations like acute oral toxicity studies, as well as primary skin and eye irritation tests.

・Fragrance free
Smell is not masked behind scent.
Steripure is a fragrance free deodorant spray. It gets rid of odor without masking unpleasant smells with a parfum.

【Why people choose Steripure】
Steripure has advanced deodorising abilities against major odors which people find discomfiting. Further, that particular deodorising effect lasts many hours.
It promotes faster decomposition of what people find unpleasant such as hydrogen sulfide (sewage), fatty acids (sweat, socks), ammonia (human waste), and formaldehyde (adhesives as well as preservatives used in paints).

Key Points!
Only two minutes after a spray, ammonia concentration was reduced to approximately two percent!
In 120 minutes, this was under one percent.
After spraying for 10 minutes, the concentration of isovaleric acid smell was reduced to 13 percent!
60 minutes later, this had dropped to under 2 percent
concentration.[Anti-bacterial; Anti-mildew]

Steripure begins its effect when you spray it onto an object, thereafter withholding the reproduction of fungi and bacteria. This effect lasts for a long time.

Antimicrobial test data of typical bacteria
Bacteria name/ Initial numbers/ 24 hours after spray
O-157 440000<100
MRSA 620000<10
Legionella 290000<100
*After spraying, Steripure has the power to sustain the breeding of bacteria even after 24 hours have passed.
(Inspection Body: Japan Food Analysis Center)

Mold resistance testing
Testing method
JIS Z 2911
Testing method based on JIS standard

After 7 days
Mycelial growth is not to be found.
After 14 days
Mycelial growth is not to be found.
(Inspection Body: Japan Food Analysis Center)

• Number of bacteria known to be affected: 401
(1)bacteria/227 (2)fungus /147 (3)algae/27
Due to its repellency effect, the outbreak of bacteria is restrained. Also, since it does not affect the cell nucleus, antibodies are not made.
*In the case of chlorine based disinfectants and the like, cell nuclei are killed and bacteria disappear temporarily. However, since it does not have a repellency effect, airborne bacteria adhere to the same places and continue to breed.

Key Point!
After 24 hours, the 440000 O-157 bacteria and 290000 of Legionella become...Only 100!

Key Point!
14 days after spraying, no mold growth at all!

【Customer's voice】
Shoes and sandals always get musty in the summer. When I used it on materials that could not be washed, the odor had disappeared by the time I was putting them away. (Female/30s)
I was concerned about the smell of the toilet. When I used the product, it had a more pronounced effect than other deodorizers. (Male/50s)
As it reduces the smell immediately, it became easier to change diapers. (Female/30s)
I use it with peace of mind as I hear it's safe for pets. (Male/50s)
The smell of food and sweat on my suit has almost completely disappeared by the following day. (Male/40s)
The smell of mold in my storeroom had disappeared when I opened it the next day. (Female/30s)
The smell inside the car went away and now it's odorfree.(Female/40s)
I disliked opening the lid on garbage day, but that's no longer a concern. (Male/30s)

Product name
deodorizing and antibacterial agent
natural plant extracted deodorant, 2-pyridinethiol-1-oxide sodium salt, N, N-dimethyl-N '-phenyl- (N '-fluorodichloromethyl-thio) - sulfamide, water
Colorless, fragrance-free
Precautions for use
・Do not use other than its intended purpose.
・Store in a cool place out of reach of children, and avoid risk of swallowing.
・Do not place in direct sunlight or where the
temperature would be above 40℃.
・Do not mix with other products.
・In case of swallowing large amounts, treat it by drinking water, and please consult your doctor.
・Please test on an inconspicuous spot first before using on leather, fur, artificial leather, Japanese materials; silk and rayon fibers weak to water; water resistant materials; beads, embroidery pieces; or materials you are concerned may colorfast or stain.
・Do not use on appliances, electronic equipment and precision machinery.

dede water steripure 1,000ml

3,190 JPY (included Japanese consumption tax)


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