2022/11/07 Notice of New arrival

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We would like to inform you of the new products that arrived in November.
The following items have been added to our product lineup.

Sawa-no-Hana (Brown rice)

Wakai-san's additive-free brown rice amazake

KIKUIMO tea (Jerusalem artichoke tea)

KIKUIMO potage (Jerusalem artichoke potage) 12 packs

・*Domestic Shipping Only* Hand-picked natural mozuku from Ishigaki Island 

We are planning to add more products as needed, so we hope you will visit our website and add it to your bookmarks.

Thank you.

2022/09/01 Website renewal announcement

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“Cool" Things Will Be Delivered

Directly From Producers

All products are handled only by the site owner who has eaten, used, or seen. In addition, the products posted on this site have been directly negotiated with the producers and obtained permission to post them. In addition, shipping will be delivered directly from the producer.

Aiming to be a site where producers with Japanese craftsmanship can be seen and connected, we will strive to disseminate proud Japanese technology both domestically and internationally.

new arrivals

Japanese Sake Kitashizuku55

Hokkaido-produced Kita Shizuku rice is polished to 55%. It is a liquor with a slightly gorgeous and bright impression. It has a gentle apple scent typical of Michizakura, with a soft mouthfeel and a smooth sweetness. I was surprised by the transparency and the refreshing richness.


Gokusaba (mackerel)

A product from a kamaboko factory in Tachiarai, Fukuoka Prefecture, which has been in business for 56 years. We are particular about the materials, carefully selecting each one, researching and researching, and making improvements over and over again.


Copper Long-necked Watering can No.2

The bactericidal power of copper makes it difficult for water to rot, and the effect of copper ions that dissolve in water improves the growth of moss on the tray. Even if you just put it on, it will become a picture, and it will definitely make your garden look different!