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Mixed juice of Shikikan and Shikuwasa (Japanese citrus fruit)

Mixed juice of Shikikan and Shikuwasa (Japanese citrus fruit)

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Shikikan is a small, sour citrus fruit. Shikwasa is a familiar mandarin orange in Okinawa, and it is also said to be a general term for small sour citrus fruits.

Shikikan is rich in citric acid, and flavonoid components are also being studied. The deliciousness of four seasons citrus and the scent of shikuwasa are mixed.

Drink daily to maintain good health. It can also be arranged for cooking.

・Dilute it 5 times with water to refresh
・For salad dressing
・For splitting Shochu or Awamori

Contents (per bottle) 500ml x 2
container PET bottle
expiry date 9 months
Fruit juice ratio (mixture) [Fruit mixed juice] 100% fruit juice
(Of which, Shikikan: 95%, Shikuwasa: 5%)
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