2023/07/11 The authentic taste of garlic shrimp from the North Shore of Hawaii at home! Garlic Shrimp Oil "Magic Oil”Commencement of sales

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As mentioned above, we have started selling garlic oil that reproduces the taste of garlic shrimp, which is very popular on the North Shore of Hawaii, more deliciously than any other garlic oil.

Please buy it!

2023/06/30 very-popular-product-organic-herb-tea-grown-in-snow-country-now-on-sale

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As mentioned above, we have started selling our popular "Organic herbal tea grown in snow country" which sold out immediately.

Please be sure to purchase as soon as possible!

2023/04/22 Notice of Sold-out Organic Herb Tea Grown in Snow Country

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As mentioned above, this season's "Organic Herb Tea Grown in Snow Country" has sold out. The next sales are scheduled to start in late June or early July. We will let you know when it will be available. Thank you for your cooperation.


2023/03/09 Spring limited products are now on sale

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We have started selling "Sakura Nigori", a limited edition only available in spring every year.

Limited version SAKURANIGORI NAMA (Japanese Sake)

This is a hot-selling item every year, so be sure to get your hands on one soon!

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All products are handled only by the site owner who has eaten, used, or seen. In addition, the products posted on this site have been directly negotiated with the producers and obtained permission to post them. In addition, shipping will be delivered directly from the producer.

Aiming to be a site where producers with Japanese craftsmanship can be seen and connected, we will strive to disseminate proud Japanese technology both domestically and internationally.

New arrivals

Limited version SAKURANIGORI NAMA (Japanese Sake)

Sakura Nigori is limited version in spring of Michizakura. Low alcohol(8%) in spite of raw SAKE. Raw rice is Aiyama, rare one. Koujimai 60%, Kakemai 40% Sakura Nigori is very fresh, a little bit of elegant sweet like apple and sparking SAKE. Can enjoy drinking for SAKE beginner. *You must be 20 years of age to purchase or receive sake.


Japanese Sake Kitashizuku55

Hokkaido-produced Kita Shizuku rice is polished to 55%. It is a liquor with a slightly gorgeous and bright impression. It has a gentle apple scent typical of Michizakura, with a soft mouthfeel and a smooth sweetness. I was surprised by the transparency and the refreshing richness.


Gokusaba (mackerel)

A product from a kamaboko factory in Tachiarai, Fukuoka Prefecture, which has been in business for 56 years. We are particular about the materials, carefully selecting each one, researching and researching, and making improvements over and over again.