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Elegant Small Hina-ningyou

Elegant Small Hina-ningyou

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■About Hina-ningyou

Japanese women have affection for Hina-ningyou. Hina-ningyou has a long history in Japan.

Takumiworks redesigned Hina-ningyou based on new concept. We want Hina-ningyou to meet present lifestyle. You may display by the bedside, on the furniture, in the entrance and etc. Putting away Hina-ningyou is easy. And it places in the Urushi box.

This Hinga-ningyou is very small, but genuine dolls displayed on 5 tiers. 15dolls give you a gorgeous environment. Hina-ningyou needs a small space to display such as B5 size.

Taking in and out of Hina-ningyou is troublesome, but Elegant Small Hina-ningyou is easy to handle. Simple process to taking in and out of Hina-ningyou.

The surface of tiers and box is coated by Aizu Urushi. All dolls and accessory of Hina-ningyou is placed in one box, so it looks like a high grade document box in your room.

The weight of Hina-ningyou is about 1.2kg. It is very nice present for your friend or family.

in the box : 172mm side, 75mm height, 230mm depth
when display:172mm side, 20mm height, 230mm depth
about 1.15kg
Material Woody Box : MDF(Medium Density Fiberboard)
Dolls : Alabaster
Finished coating : Cashew lacquer


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