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Kyoto Fruit garlic

Kyoto Fruit garlic

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We call this product as 'Fruit Garlic'. It tastes especially sweet & sour, like a prune.

Combining two ancient things, garlic which has been eaten for thousands of years and Japanese fermentation methods which have been passed on for a long time, allowed us to produce this novel food, fruit garlic.

1. For what purpose?
⇒For your health. Eat as health supplement:1~2 piece/day. Don’t forget to peal.

2. What is Interest & important point?
⇒It has a lot of anti-aging material (free radical scavenger). There are 72.8times materials than white garlic and polyphenol is 7.2 times than that.

3. How to use?
⇒For taste booster on your dishes. Use it as a taste booster when you cook dishes. It works like a charm. Especially when you wanna add deep and mellow flavor to your dishes, it definitely takes that role.
ex) dressing for salada/source for meat, fish, chicken/ mixed with batter for bread. With cream cheese, nuts, and FG for tapas/with ice cream.

4. How to save?
⇒Please keep it away from getting dry because dryness causes the loss of fruity taste. Put them in a ziploc bag and save it in the fridge.

5.How to peel?
⇒Peal the skin from the pointy end. Pull apart two ends facing each other, and them separate the pieces one by one.

This product is made in Kyoto, Japan. It’s fermented in a specific environment where the temperature of the room is 70℃ (158°F). It is 100% natural and very nutritious compared to natural white garlic.

  • Normal size (200g)
  • Trial size
    (3 small size of fruit garlics will be included)
Amount of intake Take 1 ~ 3 pieces per a day
Shelf life 1 year and a half
Preservation Store away from high humidity

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