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Ochiai umbrella

Ochiai umbrella

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Based on an idea to create something new, the parasol is made by collaboration of several dyed textiles.

Considering the quality of design at first, similar but different died textiles are mixed in the modern way.

The point is the flower printed cotton on threadlike lines called Keman Suji and fine pattern of check.

The hook shaped handle made of oak tree is not only useful, but its joint is also decorated by the gorgeous flower pattern. Enjoy your fashion with this special and rich parasol. 

◆ Producer Hirotaka Sunagawa Profile

Born 1966 in Shinjuku, Tokyo. The fifth generation of the long-established Edo Komon Matsutsuna, whose father is the late Kenichi Sunagawa, a traditional craftsman. While improving his skills as a craftsman, he challenges the creation of new Edo Komon with his unique sensibility. The motto is "Challenging boldly while preserving tradition". In 2012, he was certified as a Master Craftsman Meister of Shinjuku technique. Current vice president of the Youth Association of the Tokyo Metropolitan Traditional Craft Industry Group.

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