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The ultimate golf lesson by a Japanese teaching professional! Akihiro Ishida's golf lesson

The ultimate golf lesson by a Japanese teaching professional! Akihiro Ishida's golf lesson

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It is said that Japanese instructors are far behind the world standard, but Mr. Ishida, our teaching professional, has learned the world's most advanced teaching theory from David Ledbetter, who has taught the world's top professionals such as Lydia Ko and Michelle Wie, who are currently the talk of the town.

Ishida has gained popularity for his unique swing theory, which he has modified to suit the Japanese, and how Japanese people, who are inferior in stature to Westerners, can achieve maximum distance while maintaining stability.

lesson format
  • One-on-one or small group lesson style of up to 3 people
  • Also use the latest videos
lesson time and place
  • 75 minutes@Tokyo school
  • 120 minutes @ Saitama school
* Currently, Mr. Ishida does not accept lessons for new customers other than this site!
Lesson effect so far
  • 90% of the students have improved the directionality, and 70% of the students have improved the flight distance on the spot.
  • Most golfers who suffer from bad slices, shanks, chippings, etc. improve dramatically during the lesson.
  • Even golfers who could not get results at other schools are taught the correct correction method and approach to practice that suit each golfer, which surely leads to score improvement.
Future trend If you are interested in a lesson, please feel free to contact us.
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Instructor profile

Akihiro Ishida
Born in 1970 in Tokyo. Graduated from Nihon University.
Leadbetter Golf Academy Authorized Senior Instructor Japan School Director of Instruction

After graduating from university, he studied golf for about four years as a trainee.

In 1999, he joined the team as a teaching staff after learning of the existence of the Academy Japan School, which puts into practice the teaching theory of Ledbetter, which he had been impressed with for a long time.

Certified as a Certified Instructor in 2001 after over a year and a half of training and guidance from Leadbetter.

During his 13 years of lesson activities, he has been conducting research and practice in pursuit of "swing theory suitable for Japanese people", and is currently enthusiastically instructing a wide range of golfers, from juniors and amateurs to first-class professionals. There are articles published in magazines such as choice and even.

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