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Yuki-shio (snow salt)

Yuki-shio (snow salt)

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Miyakojima has a beautiful sea where coral grows. This island is said to have been formed by uplifted coral, and is characterized by a stratum called Ryukyu limestone beneath the island.


Despite being a hard rock, it has a sponge-like structure with countless holes. By passing seawater through Ryukyu Limestone, which is a natural "filter", impurities are removed and at the same time, the calcium contained in the coral dissolves into underground seawater. Yukishio is salt that can only be produced from seawater that takes advantage of the underground characteristics of Miyakojima.

The taste and ingredients of snow salt have been processed into easy-to-use granules. It is also recommended as a table salt because it is resistant to moisture. Feel free to sprinkle it on anything and use it.

Item weight 110g
Type of salt Granule type
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